Ramadan Mubarak

May Allah swt bless us and make this month a source of rehmat, mercy, forgiveness and blessings for us and a means to Jannah. The first 10 months; 1st Ashra are Rehmat, we shud recite Allahuma innaka affuwun kareemun tuhibbul afuwu fahfu anna ya ghafooro ya ghafooro ya ghafooro. The next 10 days; 2nd Ashra are for forgiveness, we shud recite Astagfirullah hal- azeem alladhee la ilaha illah huwal Qayyum wa atubu ilaey. The last 10 days, 3rd Ashra are for protection from jahannum, we shud recite Allahumma ajirnee min-nanar. Rabbigfir warhum wa anta khairura-hameen. Recite Kalima tayyib in abundance.
May Allah swt make it easy for us and accept our fasting, prayers, quran recitation, zikr, zakat, and our humble and sincere duas. Ameen. plz remember me in ur duas and I’ll remember you.


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